Professional Packing

"Big or Small, We Can Pack It All"

Maxx Shipping & Receiving Center gives our customers access to multiple freight, courier, shipping and postal services - and we have no limits on the size, value or weight of items handled. Our complete range of value-added services, include professional custom packaging of items of any size or weight. We are the industry leader with respect to packing and sending goods that are fragile, large, awkward, and valuable. We also sell a wide range of packaging supplies.
Proper packing is both a science and an art. Let the packing experts at Maxx Shipping & Receiving Center professionally pack and ship your breakable, valuable and large items. We are packing specialists who treat your items as if we were packing our own stuff!

Packaging & Moving Supplies

What is “Dimensional Weight”?

It’s a rule the shipping companies use to charge you for the size of your package, and not just the weight. If you don’t use the correct box size, you may be paying (a lot) more than you need to. Maxx Shipping & Receiving Center has a box to fit almost anything; we’ll make sure you get the right one!
All The Packing & Moving Supplies You Need...

    Boxes — Several sizes
    Bubble-Wrap — Buy it by the foot or by the roll
    Envelopes — Several sizes
    CD, DVD, and Photo Mailers
    Custom Box Making — We can custom-make a box to fit (almost)

    Need a bunch of boxes or packing materials? — We can
large quantities

Are you moving and need lots of stuff? We offer bundle pricing on large orders.

Don’t like to pack?  Bring it to us, and we’ll pack it for you! The packing experts at Maxx Shipping & Receiving Center are delighted to serve you. If we pack your items, they’re guaranteed for insurability.